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What to Expect

Your first step will be the Diagnostic. During this meeting you will be presented with the benefits of working with one of our Certified Fitness Professionals, pricing, and background of the Fit Pro. When you make the decision to enter into a Fitness Professional agreement you will complete a variety of forms. The forms may include your demographics, liability, releases, assumption of risk, appointment times, and health questionnaires. You will also be going over with your Fit Pro a general health and health risk questionnaire. If you have certain health risks, such as a heart condition, you may be asked to receive clearance to begin your program.

The next step will be for you and our Professional to discuss your specific goals, such as losing weight, gaining strength, or improving your general overall fitness level. Goals should be realistic and as specific as you can get them. We will then help you formulate your goals as well. Goals are important to have so we can help keep you motivated, and provide direction and purpose in your customized fitness program. Nutrition is a very important part in reaching and improving all of your goals. We will go over what changes might be needed to make in order to get where you want to be short term, mid-term, and long term.

Third, we will then take you through a series of tests that helps us determine your physical fitness level and aids in developing your personalized program. The results can identify your strengths, weaknesses and any imbalances in relation to your physical fitness and help in setting attainable fitness goals.

A fitness Diagnostic is a valuable tool to use at establishing baseline measurements and can be used to monitor your performance and assess your progress throughout your exercise training. At Born Ready Fitness the fitness Diagnostic lesson is included in your series of Fitness lessons.

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Benefits of a Fitness Diagnostic

  • Assess current fitness levels
  • Help to develop and establish a fitness program
  • Identify possible areas of health and injury risk
  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Aid in motivation
  • Evaluate and track progress
  • Nutrition overlook process

Components of a Fitness Diagnostic

  • Cardiorespiratory Endurance Test
  • Muscular Strength Test
  • Muscular Endurance Test
  • Body Composition Test
  • Flexibility Test

Fitness Diagnostic Info Guide

During your fitness diagnostic, you may participate in many different tests:

  • Resting Heart Rate: Indicator of aerobic fitness and cardiac efficiency.
  • Resting Blood Pressure: Indicator of aerobic fitness and cardiac efficiency.
  • Body Composition: Skinfold test which determines your body mass index, or percentage of actual "fat" pounds you have.
  • 3-Minute Step Test: Measures cardiorespiratory fitness or aerobic endurance.
  • Sit and Reach Test: Evaluates flexibility of lower back and posterior leg muscles (hamstrings).
  • Push Up Strength Test - tests muscular strength of the upper body.
  • There may be other tests according to your physical ability and personal goals.

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