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Michael Gulyas is a life-changer! His vision and compassion have created a unique health company - Born Ready Fitness. Mike Gulyas has overseen my training for a decade, and he has transformed my too-busy to exercise schedule to a fun and fit lifestyle. After my bike accident (eight years ago), Mike and his team (including nutrition and yoga specialists) worked intensively to rehab me to better-than-new shape. His positive, passionate approach is a constant source of inspiration to me.

Lou Matis, MD
Westport, CT

Michael Gulyas of Born Ready Fitness has greatly helped me gain back my strength following cancer and chemo therapy. I sincerely recommend his service.
-Sandra Hiltz - Fairfield, CT

"Christina Holms is a remarkable chef and very creative with the ingredients that she chooses. All meals are colorful and tasty too! Christina has cooked many meals for our family over the years and we have enjoyed them all."
-Carol Cook

I've had the wonderful pleasure of having Christina Holms cook for my family numerous times. She always took into account the 'requirements' of my family (meals must be appealing to both kids and adults as well as healthy). Not only did she meet these requirements, but knocked them out of the park! Her meals were healthy as well as prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and were so delicious that there were no leftovers! My favorite part, however, was the fact that I could simply enjoy time with my family rather than spend it in the kitchen cooking. Christina is a creative and instinctive cook who is ready, willing, and able to create healthy, delicious dishes that appeal to a whole family.

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