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Michael Gulyas Born Ready Fitness

Michael Gulyas, owner and president of Born Ready Fitness LLC, Certified Fitness Professional, and lifetime Fitness Coach, is on a mission to educate, motivate, inspire and strengthen the minds and bodies of as many individuals as he can. Michael's strategy in meeting this goal is grounded in developing the proper balance of fitness and wellness, in pursuit of a totally fit lifestyle. He began his journey 17 years ago out of a heartfelt desire to help others get fit and change their unhealthy life styles. Inspired by what he learned and experienced as a volunteer with the Special Olympics, he realized that his purpose and passion in life was going to be helping others change their lives mentally and physically in pursuit of 'total wellness'. His knowledge and motivation led him to coaching a basketball team at Weston High School while at the same time implementing year-round, instructional athletic programs for the teams. As a result of his experience with athletes and teams, he started a fitness company focusing on youth speed, agility and conditioning training called Rapid Fire LLC. It is here where Michael has helped hundreds of athletes in and around Connecticut learn how to become champions, leaders, and student athletes while motivating and empowering them with the physical and mental tools to help them succeed in life. All this experience set the stage for creating and founding, Born Ready Fitness, LLC, the best Health and Wellness company ever established for helping members develop the proper balance of fitness and wellness, in pursuit of a totally fit lifestyle. Mike, also known as 'The Motivator', feels that if you fill your life with as many positive people as you can, you will make tremendous strides in both your physical and mental well-being. 

Certifications for Life Fitness Professional include: American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA), International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA), American Sports and Fitness Association Personal Trainer (ASFA),American Sports and Fitness Association Senior Fitness Instructor (ASFA)

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Kristen Robinson Personal Trainer

Kristen Robinson has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology from SCSU with a minor in Athletic Training. She attained additional training to become an emergency medical technician and paramedic and also attended nursing school. Kristen spent over 12 years working in and emergency room as well as invasive cardiology and nuclear meds. She did her internship as the exercise physiologist for Bally's in Devon. Her diverse training and background in medicine brought her to the physical therapy doing wound debridement, prosthetic training and rehabilitation for stroke and multiple sclerosis clients. She has also worked for physiotherapist, Peter Bertachi, treating sports injuries as well as specializing in long-term treatment for special population clients.

For the past seven years she has served as the Director of National Personal Training Institute, as well as lead teacher and Managing Partner. Kristen is ACPT and CSCS Certified and is an instructor for the Red Cross. Other credits and accomplishments include:

-National Level Bodybuilder World Elite status in British Armed Forces Races
-Worked at Pro Fitness Co-op Centers including SAAB Scandia, Clairol, the Merrit Seven and Ramada
-Managed Power House Gym and Georges Gym in Norwalk.
-Worked at Amfit, Stamford Athletic Club.

She is an avid mountaineer and rock and ice climber and has competed at the elite level in Death Races and the Pentathlon in the White Mountains.


Jennifer Moffat Personal Trainer

Jennifer's journey to the fitness industry began at the age of 5 when she attended her first ballet class. Throughout her childhood, the dance studio became her second home as she excelled in tap, jazz, hip-hop, and ballet. Though her "home" dance studio was located in Greenwich, Jennifer traveled to New York City every weekend to attend The Broadway Dance Center where she trained along the likes of Savion Glover and other countless celebrity performers.

Thanks to her knack for leadership and natural talent for choreography, Jennifer was asked to begin teaching classes when she was 17 years old. She taught ballet and jazz for three years before developing an adult cardio-sculpt dance class which she continued teaching for over ten years. It was the structure of this class that led Jennifer to realize she not only loved the performance aspect of dance, but that she really had a passion for what dance could do for your overall health and fitness. Her loyal students praised the "fast-paced, yet easy-to-follow" dynamic dance workout that included stretching, toning, and ab strengthening. Jennifer was thrilled to have the opportunity to promote a healthy heart while simultaneously having a little fun.

After a brief hiatus due to starting a family that includes two young children, Jennifer enthusiastically returned to the fitness industry. She decided to once again become an instructor and made fitness her full-time career. To further expand her expertise in the industry and become a top-notch asset to her clients, she became an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Training clients one-on-one quickly became her passion.

Though Jennifer will always credit dance as being her introduction to fitness, personal training is her livelihood and it is where she shines in her field. In addition, she now holds certifications from training workshops in yoga and Pilates, and as is a certified kickboxing instructor.

She finds it extremely important to promote all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle and therefore, thoroughly enjoys being able to offer a wide variety of fitness training.

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer


Lloyd Weinstein Fitness Trainer and Educator

Lloyd Weinstein has over 20 years experience in the industry and has worked in a variety of sported related fields. He earned his M.S. Degree in Human Performance in Soccer, Football, and Track & Field from Southern Connecticut State University. Lloyd began his teaching career in high school Physical Education and coaching soccer (two time Pa state champions) and Track & Field at Neshaminy High School in Pennsylvania.

After many years as a YMCA Director, and becoming a Certified Strength Coach, Lloyd combined his academic, coaching and athletic background to form Premier Fitness 13 years ago. The facility was formed so as to fulfill the needs of many of the area’s finest athletes.

In conjunction with his duties with Premier Fitness, Lloyd is currently the Head Boys Track coach at Weston High School (2007 Class M state champions), an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Norwalk Community College and still competes at the national and international level in Power Lifting. He is a three time World champion and 15 time US National Champion and has trained numerous professional and nationally ranked amateur athletes in Power Lifting and other sports including; Track & Field, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse and Baseball. This combination of Knowledge, playing and coaching experience has helped many athletes attain their goals and high honors in athletics.



Michael Howley Certified Personal Trainer

Michael has been involved in sports and exercise his entire life. Staying in shape and eating nutritiously has become even more important as time passes. His desire to help others led to becoming a certified personal trainer after a successful 30 year career in retail management. He believes that prevention is the best medicine and that healthy eating and daily exercise are key components of total wellness. He works with each client to address all aspects of health, striving to make each individual better and to reach their personal goals. He accomplishes this by motivating, inspiring and coaching clients with daily feedback and challenging workouts.

Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer.
Graduate of the National Personal Training Institute 


Thomas Allen Certified Personal Trainer

Thomas Allen is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute and is a certified instructor of the Insanity workout program. Thomas assisted his father in losing 70 pounds; this life changing experience solidified his passion for fitness and decision to establish a career as a personal trainer.Fueled by his passion for exercise and desire to help others reach their personal best, Thomas utilizes his sportsmanship attitude and motivational skills to enhance the lives of each individual client. Thomas is an energetic and enthusiastic personal trainer who helps his clients set personal goals that achieve optimal health and fitness. Thomas continues to offer his talents, experiences, and passion for fitness and sports by contributing back to the community as High School Sports Broadcaster for WCNX Radio, and volunteering his time as a member of The Walter Camp Football Foundation, The National Football Foundation and the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association.


David Burkhead Mixed Martial Arts

David has 38 years experience in Mixed Martial Arts which utilizes techniques from a variety of different martial arts styles such as wresting, jiu-jitsu, boxing, karate. During that time he achieved a "Black Belt" in Wing Tsun Kung-Fu, Goju-Ryu and Kenpo. David has studied extensively in Arnis, Escrima, Kali, Qigong, Kick Boxing and Self Defense. He taught in a Stamford Charter School, Norwalk Community College and UCONN including several years of teaching Self Defense for the Kidsafe Karate Program at the YMCA and David owned his own Dojo.

David’s approach to training is creating an environment where wellness goals are heard and achieved. The objective is to teach mental focus, inner strength, self-confident and self- esteem. He encourages, motivates, is energetic and empowers his clients to reach their maximum performance. He has a strong understanding of functions and vital processes of the human body.

NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) in Norwalk, CT. Graduated, June 2014.


Carissa Algeri-Gulyas Licensed Massage Therapist

Carissa Algeri-Gulyas is a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Connecticut. Educated at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport, where the main focus was kinesiology and how the body works, has served as the basis for enabling Carissa to better understand each of her clients individual needs. Her massage services are offered in-home, which is convenient for her clients and their busy lifestyle. Carissa has structured her massage business that way since an added benefit of receiving massage in the comfort of your home is that you can continue to receive the benefits of relaxing, even after the session is completed.

Carissa's team of massage therapists are dedicated to providing therapeutic massage, whether you're in need of relaxation and balance with the mind and body, relief of aches and pains, or a sports massage and stretching that helps to loosen target muscles to enhance performance and reduce injuries.

Carissa believes that experiencing the life-enhancing effects of massage first hand and having a deep awareness and understanding of what massage therapy is about, is the foundation for being able to help other's through touch.

"When the Heart is at Ease, the Body is Healthy"


Kerry Ford Licensed Massage Therapist

Kerry Ford is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Connecticut. After being educated in England and having a successful career in the hotel industry, Kerry paused her career to raise a family. When it came time to return to working outside the home, Kerry decided that she wanted to help other people in a more personal way and spent the next two yearsstudying to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Educated at the Cumberland Institute in Brentwood, Tennessee, Kerry started her in-home massage therapy practice in 1994.

Kerry is experienced in neuromuscular therapy, Swedish massage, kinesiology, reflexology, prenatal massage, visceral massage, lymphatic drainage, Reiki and deep tissue massage.

Kerry understands how therapeutic massage can have both physiological and psychological benefits, whether you are striving to relax, recovering from an injury, overcoming every day aches and pains, or preparing to give birth.

Kerry is a seasoned massage therapist who is known for her healing therapeutic touch.

Lisa Karp Nutritionist

Lisa Karp is a nutritionist with a Master's degree from New York University in Nutrition and Food Science. She holds a BS degree from the University of Maryland where she graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude. Lisa has over 20 years of experience in the health, fitness and nutrition field including clinical work at New York University Medical Center and the Jewish Home for the Elderly in Fairfield, CT. Lisa ran a private nutrition/wellness business, "Nutrition Works!", assessing and counseling clients with various nutritional needs. Ms. Karp is involved in numerous charitable organizations including the Migraine Research Foundation.

Her philosophy on health and nutrition is "balance and healthy moderation, not deprivation."


Christina Holms Nutritionist / Personal Chef

I first became fascinated with diet and nutrition in 1996 when I met my husband's grandfather, Alfred. Alfred suffered with celiac disease which required him to eliminate all foods containing wheat and gluten from his diet. I decided to help him get a better handle on his dietary restrictions by creating recipes and preparing healthy foods that he would be able to eat and really enjoy. I began by preparing gluten and wheat-free bread, muffins, cakes and quickly progressed to preparing various types of healthy soups and other foods for him to enjoy. Alfred's health, happiness and his relationship with his wife and family improved markedly as he went from living a life of "I can't have that" to a lifestyle with an abundance of food selections that I created and prepared from scratch to fill his belly and heart with joy.

I am a proud mother of two precocious and dynamic sons who are respectively 6 and 8 years old. When I first began feeding them solid foods, I was determined to always put the very best and most healthy foods into their young bodies. I knew that every bite would be vitally important in not only maintaining their health, but also in developing eating habits that would put them on a course of health and well-being for years to come. I was determined to give each of them a solid foundation so that they would ultimately be drawn to healthy diet choices as they grew older. During their toddler stage, I created recipes for them that included the very best local and organic fruits, vegetables and meats. This eventually resulted in them enjoying mealtimes as much, or more than I enjoyed preparing the meals for them. Right from the start, I was determined to give them a "farm to table" dining experience whenever possible. Now that they're older, they have become much more involved in our family's meal planning and preparation. We now work as a team in the kitchen with the goal of building strong bodies, minds and spirits.

After having my children, I decided to return to college to earn my B.S. in Nutrition Science. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in February, 2013 and have already helped many family members and friends to adjust their food plan and grocery lists so as to make better choices that will benefit their entire families. I have even taken special requests from family members and close friends for my personal chef services to create and provide healthy, nutritious, and delicious food for private parties ranging from 4-100 guests.

I am deeply passionate about nutrition. It brings me great joy to help people learn about making better food choices, taking care of their bodies and achieving their short and long-term health goals. As much as I enjoy teaching, I remain a student; constantly learning more about the latest food trends, local purveyors of meat and produce, super foods, as well as learning and developing new recipes. Food is not merely fuel for our bodies; it can also be an exciting communal part of our lives. I believe that since we are what we eat, we should make it the best stuff on earth. Healthy and nutritious food sustains the health of our bodies, minds and spirits and also leads to overall physical and mental well being. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your specific health goals.

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Brandi Pierson Personal Chef

Brandi is a highly energetic, passionate home cook and has always enjoyed cooking for and entertaining her family and friends. Her cooking style and recipes emphasize fresh, local ingredients. With no formal training, she was mentored by her mother- in-law, an incredible Italian cook, who showed her how to prepare healthy, delicious meals.

She taught herself culinary techniques with the aid of television icons, and several cookbooks. She relied on intuition and feedback from co-workers and friends and family to refine her recipes. Brandi's interest in cooking started when she was younger. She had struggled with weight loss, and took the initiative to make her own healthy meals at home. She lost the weight from her own fresh meals and regular exercise. She then realized she had a real talent for cooking healthy meals, and wanted to share her knowledge with others. She would prepare healthy dishes at home, and bring them in for co-workers. A favorite among co-workers was her homemade granola.

She graduated from Framingham State College with a bachelor's degree in psychology and human services. She then went onto school for skin care and has been working as an esthetician for over 13 years. She has a deep sense of concern for others and loves to help those in need. It's through her love and passion for food that she helps people who want a healthy relationship with food.

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Diana Gomez Personal Chef

Diana's passion for cooking began as a little girl, where you would find her in the kitchen helping her grandmother in her native Colombia. As she got older, Diana was an integral part of the cooking team during family reunions, where she would apply the knowledge from her cooking classes, and then return to her kitchen, which was filled to the brim with culinary books.

When she moved to the United States, her culinary horizon expanded as she learned the secrets of innovative dishes from international cuisines and their respective culinary experts, including Italian, Mexican, and Indian among others. This newfound knowledge inspired her to take more cooking classes, watch and read about cooking, and experiment with new foods and recipes.

Cooking has always been an outlet for Diana, filling her with joy and peace, as well as a means of serving the community. She has volunteered for “Cooking Matters”® teaching low-income individuals about proper nutrition and how to make healthy meals within their budget. Diana believes in their mission and is honored to support their cause.

She has worked as a private chef at private residences and always brings her joy and passion for cooking everywhere she goes.

Diana looks forward to bringing her joy of cooking to you as well.


Andrea Rouxel Personal Chef / Personal Trainer

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Karen Jordan Movement Expert - Pilates / Yoga / Dance

Education and Certification:
University of New Hampshire @ Keene State College, BA Theatre Arts Speech and Film
Minor- Business Management
American Red Cross CPR/ First Aid Certification
Stott Pilates: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel
RYT - Lotus Garden's Yoga Teacher Training – Yoga Alliance
Official Zumba® Fitness - Dance Fitness
Chi Fitness Certification – Dance Exercise
ACE Group Training Certification
IDEA Certification
National Coaching Association Certification


Participated in athletics and movement for over 40 years; teaching/coaching for over 25 years. Trained as a competitive gymnast throughout childhood, Karen continued in the realm of movement as an adult by teaching group fitness, coaching and choreographing gymnastics. This lead her to study Mind/Body/Spirit practices – Yoga and Pilates. With a focus on breathing, centering, awareness, alightment, control and stretch, the training power of Yoga and Pilates is like no other discipline. Her beliefs stem from the center (core) of the body as the powerhouse used to negotiate all movement, while using mind focus to bring awareness and ultimately control to the body. The breath creates ease of movement, naturally allowing energy and flow to the bodies systems, while alignment provides safety for the expression.


KSC Team Captain (Keene State College)-Varsity Women's Gymnastics
KSC Coaches Award –Varsity Women's Gymnastics
Regional Placement - All American Team
EAIAW Championship Finalist Significant Achievement Award
Keene State College Athletic Hall of Fame
Inducted for excellence as a member of the 1982 KSC Women's Gymnastics Team

Varsity Head Coach - Weston High School - Weston, CT
Outstanding Achievement & Accomplishment –Rookie of the Year
Outstanding Coach S Division
1991 Western Regional Champions
1992 National State Championships – Colorado Springs Colorado


Andrea Silver Pilates Instructor

After a successful career in advertising and non-profit management, as well as raising four children, I decided to follow a long time goal of a career in fitness. The final decision came as a result of a herniated disk in my lumbar spine. My doctor recommended Pilates as the only exercise besides walking that I could do while healing. After taking Pilates classes the decision was made, I was hooked! My back issues disappeared and I learned how to manage my back health as well as other physical concerns that accompany aging.

Pilates is a way of exercising that positively impacts both body and mind. I am passionate about helping people experience the thrill of being strong, flexible and balanced. I tailor workouts for the individual and I am dedicated to inspiring you to lead a healthy, active and fulfilling life, no matter what age you are.

I completed my apparatus and mat certification through Half Moon/The Fitness Guru. I am always deepening my practice and I currently take advanced mat and apparatus training with master Pilates instructors in Connecticut and New York City.The focus of my continuing education is back care and osteoporosis in the aging Baby boomer.I am training to be a Certified Speaker for American Bone Health, which will deepen my knowledge and expertise on safe exercise for those diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis.I have CEC's from the following: Kane School of Core Integration/Kinected in Osteoporosis / Bone Health and Evidence-based barefoot techniques; Back Care with Brent Anderson; Men's workshop with Michael Johnson. I am also a graduate of the Institute For Integrative Nutrition.



Jamie Levine founder of B.A.B.Y Health and Fitness

Jamie Levine, founder of B.A.B.Y Health and Fitness is an ACE-certified personal trainer with a specialty in pre and postnatal fitness. She is also a certified, ACBE Childbirth Educator. Since 1997 she has trained a dozen instructors who collectively have reached over 5000 women with their programs. She is the founder of the Mom-a-thon Health and Fitness Challenge as well as the ABC’S of Prenatal Fitness.

Jamie has been seen talking about prenatal and postnatal fitness on CBS’s New York Minute, Eyewitness News "Life around Here", WB – 11 News and Connecticut's Channel 12 and Norwalk Hospital’s Health Talk Show. She has written many articles for newspapers and magazines.

Jamie is also a mom of a son and identical twin girls.