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Gift certificates

Born Ready Fitness and Wellness gift certificate is a perfect gift for anyone. A gift certificate is a perfect gift for:

  • Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries
  • Expectant parents
  • Holidays
  • Mothers Day, Fathers Day
  • Newlyweds
  • House warming gifts
  • Elderly parents or friends
  • Busy singles and families
  • Anyone trying to improve their health
  • People recovering from illness

Pricing includes the interview, and quality assessment of all your dietary needs, free customized menu, same day grocery shopping, meal preparation in your kitchen, meal packaging, labeling of all the food prepared, specific instructions for heating and serving, and freedom from kitchen clean up. The food prep, cooking, and delivery all will take place within the same day.


Each entrée comes with one side to complement the meal:

*5/4 $377.00 health investment
Ideal for family of four. This plan consist of five entrees each containing four servings. This is also a great plan for two people that want leftovers for healthy lunches and weekend meals.

*5/2 $329.00 health investment
Perfect for couple or singles. This meal plan also consists of five entrees with two servings of each. Great for those looking to eat healthy for lunch with the extra entrée and sides consumed for that meal.

*3/2 $217.00 health investment
An excellent starter plan. The 3/2 gold meal plan consists of three entrees with two servings of each. Fantastic for those who want a break from everyday preparation and cooking.

*5/1 $289.00 health investment
An excellent single plan. Perfect for someone that just wants dinners ready when they get home from work, working out, or any other physical activity.

Food costs are not included. Under Ct State Law a 6.35% tax will be added to the final total of your health investment.

Individual Meal Preparation

Enjoy one of our chefs delicious meals while you relax and destress. It's a great alternative to going out to dinner and you can relax and enjoy your company. Or, you can give the 'family chef' a break for a night. You know exactly what you are putting into your body for that meal. And, if you enjoy your meal you can have our chef come cook for you more often. Chose from one of our other Personal Chef options.

Just for trying us out you will receive a FREE SIDE for your single healthy meal for an unlimited amount of people.

Nutrition Seminars

These seminars will cover basic nutrition or special topics based on needs of individuals. $15 per person. Location and topic to be announced.


We can customize any of the above meal plans by including additional side dishes or entrees. Each service is tailored to fit your individual needs. Please contact Born Ready Fitness and wellness for an exact price quote.

We specialize in what is best for you.

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