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Carissa Algeri-Gulyas Licensed Massage Therapist

Carissa Algeri-Gulyas is a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Connecticut. Educated at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport, where the main focus was kinesiology and how the body works, has served as the basis for enabling Carissa to better understand each of her clients individual needs. Her massage services are offered in-home, which is convenient for her clients and their busy lifestyle. Carissa has structured her massage business that way since an added benefit of receiving massage in the comfort of your home is that you can continue to receive the benefits of relaxing, even after the session is completed.

Carissa's team of massage therapists are dedicated to providing therapeutic massage, whether you're in need of relaxation and balance with the mind and body, relief of aches and pains, or a sports massage and stretching that helps to loosen target muscles to enhance performance and reduce injuries.

Carissa believes that experiencing the life-enhancing effects of massage first hand and having a deep awareness and understanding of what massage therapy is about, is the foundation for being able to help other's through touch.

"When the Heart is at Ease, the Body is Healthy"

Kerry Ford Licensed Massage Therapist

Kerry Ford is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Connecticut. After being educated in England and having a successful career in the hotel industry, Kerry paused her career to raise a family. When it came time to return to working outside the home, Kerry decided that she wanted to help other people in a more personal way and spent the next two yearsstudying to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Educated at the Cumberland Institute in Brentwood, Tennessee, Kerry started her in-home massage therapy practice in 1994.

Kerry is experienced in neuromuscular therapy, Swedish massage, kinesiology, reflexology, prenatal massage, visceral massage, lymphatic drainage, Reiki and deep tissue massage.

Kerry understands how therapeutic massage can have both physiological and psychological benefits, whether you are striving to relax, recovering from an injury, overcoming every day aches and pains, or preparing to give birth.

Kerry is a seasoned massage therapist who is known for her healing therapeutic touch.